Monday, May 26, 2008

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Stay at Australia!

Recently i have been thinking on having a vacation in one of the greatest place of the world, Australia. I wanted to visit my friends who are living in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. I want to explore the nature, beach and foods of Australia with them. Enjoy the day with them and discover the culture of Australia.

So i chaffer on the net and look for a cheap place to stay. I have to look for a service apartment or cheap hotel where me and hubby can stay. Expensive hotels are not important, we need to save money so that we can go to all of those beautiful cities and places in Australia. We can explore the culture of the state and make the best vacation ever.

Australia is very famous with their Koalas with eucalyptus and the Kangaroos, which are native from there.
The Great Barrier Reef which is the largest coral reef in the world that has the different aquatic fishes and corals. All of the world's greatest divers are coming there just to dive in and witness the heartwarming scenes underwater.
The Football which is the famous spectator sports which are played by professionals and amateurs players.
The country music, the foods and more..

So what are you waiting for, Explore Australia now and book for the cheapest hotel with high class standard services, great hotel staffs and good foods you won't regret. I'm sure, you will have a great time with the place and the country!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cheap Hotels

Me and Hubby loves to travel a lot. If we have lots of time, we spend it traveling and looking for the nice things around the place, like music bars, restaurants and entertainments. Of course, we need to find a Cheap Hotel where in we can rest after the tired day of strolling.

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Spending time on looking for the hotels might lessen your time for leisure and strolling. Time vacation should be use to discover their cultures, dive in the beautiful seas, have fun with the country music and eat the best foods offered by the country. Don't get ruin your time of fun. Book at them now and get numerous discounts!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

IND advice

We don't know from the Start that we need to do the ADVICE from IND. So we decided to do it instead of applying here at the embassy first. It is a free service which is given to the couples who wanted to have a family reunification. The applicants should have the correct paper requirements. Sponsor should have the required salary of IND to pass this advice. It will make the process easier and cheaper.
Here are some ways:

The application for a Provisional Residence Permit (MVV)

There are two ways to start the procedure for obtaining an Provisional Residence Permit (MVV).

  • A sponsor in the Netherlands starts the MVV procedure by submitting a request for advice to the IND

  • You can submit an application for an MVV to the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country of origin

The request for advice by a sponsor serves to support your subsequent MVV application to the embassy. The Decision made on this application is either positive or negative. You may not submit an application for review with regard to this decision.

The application you make to the embassy is the official application. With regard to a negative Decision on this application, you may submit an application for review.

A sponsor in the Netherlands submits to the IND a request for advice concerning a Provisional Residence Permit (MVV)

1. Your sponsor in the Netherlands fills in the form “Request for recommendation to obtain a Provisional Residence Permit (MVV)” and returns it to the IND, together with all required documents. The documents required are listed on the form.

2. If the IND responds positively, you then submit your application for the MVV to the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country of origin.

3. You will not be issued an MVV if you do not meet the conditions, nor will you be issued an MVV if your documents are invalid, incomplete or incorrect. You may not submit an application for review with respect to a negative advice.
You apply for the Provisional Residence Permit (MVV) in your own country of origin.

This is our time line for the advice:

03/03/08- mailed the requirements for the advice in IND
03/04/08- IND received the papers
04/08/08- IND has decided for the advice
04/10/08- Eric received the POSITIVE ADVICE

Friday, May 9, 2008

Marriage registration in Holland

After i took the exam, i thought it will be easier, but i was wrong. We have to undergo a lot or paper processes.
First step was registering our marriage to the Gementee. Gementee is the City hall in the place/ city they are living.

Eric registered our marriage on January 8, 2008, 1 day after his vacation in Philippines. We wanted to finish it as soon as possible. He wanted to have a normal married life as a couple. But looks like we will be waiting again.

It took us almost 8 weeks before we got the papers back. It is longer than usual, but we can't do anything to make it faster, its the fastest. huh.. Government really works so slow! AS USUAL!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the IT Day

It was the day i am waiting for, my Exam day. My hubby flew on Dec. 09, 2007 to be with me on the my exam day, to give me moral support.

Prior on that day, i was very scared i might not pass it, i was crying hard, good that My Hubby was there. We wake up so early, eat breakfast and study more. We ate lunch early at 11am to be at the embassy by 12:00 noon. My appointment time is 1pm. We stayed in a while in the cafeteria downstairs to wait for the time. After a while we went up. The guard told us to wait, and they will just call my name.

After few minutes, the dutch woman called me up to enter the room, Eric was left outside. I was shaking and nervous. The exam was fast, and i answered the questions correctly. When it was done, the dutch woman told me to wait for the result outside. I went out, and sit beside my hubby.

The woman called my name again, and told me that i passed the exam. I was very happy, very very happy. I even jumped out of my happiness, lol. Even the guard laughed at my reaction.. hehehe. I did my best, and it was so enough for that time. I am coming in Holland SOON!