Friday, February 22, 2008

The Wedding...

after the Paper works.. here is the Main event.. OUR WEDDING!

Eric and Me have to sleep in separate places the night before the wedding, it is a Tradition to be followed, He is a Foreigner but he respects the Filipino Cultures..

Dec. 23, 2006- The Wedding Day!

It was a great day, Sun was up, and people around are busy.I was worried with my Honey, he was alone in the hotel room but he texted me saying he is okay and i don't have to worry about him.
So i took shower so early and waited for the make up artist, after a while, they are here..

started their job..made me the Prettiest Bride ever!time flies fast! make ups, Picture takings.. everyone are so busy!

At 2 pm, we are on the Bridal car going to Pryce Plaza Hotel.. Visitors are Waiting, My groom finished about 1 pack of cigarette (sign of being nervous) hehe.. he is Waiting for his Bride..

When i was walking at the Aisle with my Parents, i felt happy, because i know, My parents are so happy for me.. Eric was so happy too.. It was our Happiest moment of the wedding.. I glimpsed at mama and saw her with shed of tears, but i don't want to Cry on my Wedding.. I don't want to Ruin my up Make up.. hehe..It was a very Solemn ceremony, goes smooth.. everybody was happy and excited to see a newly bride couple!

After the Ceremony, it was picture takings, Eating time and some Funny games..

Such a great day.. a Very special day of our lives that we won't forget.. Someday, when we reaches the age of 70 (hopefully) remembering this Special day will put some smiles on our hearts and faces..

The day when we stated how we loved each other and Promised to be the best for each other and fort our future Family..


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Getting Ready...

Huh.. I never thought it was been that hard to be married on a foreigner. You have to undergo different offices.. huh! But it was exciting too!

Getting Married with a Dutch national is a bit hard. First, the Civil registral office of the city is requiring you to get a Legal capacity to Marry from the DUTCH Embassy. Requirements includes the ff:

To apply for a "Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage" both parties must present the following original documents to this Embassy between 10.00 hrs.- 12.00 hrs., Monday to Thursday (except holidays). The chancery fees should be paid at the time of application for Legal Capacity.

The Philippine party needs to bring:
  • Legalised birth certificate
  • Legalised certificate of civil status (not older than 6 months; contents in the civil status must correlate with the information in the birth certificate)
  • valid Philippine passport, if available.

  • The Dutch party needs to bring:
  • birth certificate
  • certificate of civil status issued by the municipality in the Netherlands (not older than 6 months).
  • valid Dutch passport.
  • If you have all the requirements, you can get the the Said Paper the following day!

    After getting that, You and Your Partner should Apply for the Marriage license at the City Registral Office and you have to wait for 10 Working days for the posting of it. Within that days, you have to do the Pre-Nuptial Seminar to be held at the City Health Office. But you can ask the City registral about the Seminar for Foreigners, they are exempted on some of it.

    When you already have the Marriage license, you can go on any courts to get married. They Require other papers too, go and ask them first.
    If you want it to be a church Wedding, go to the parish Church and ask what do they require on the Foreign Nationals.

    Keep asking.. Its not as difficult as what you think.


    Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    how we meet?

    AUGUST 15 2005- at 2pm (Philippine time)

    It was the time and day we first met, it was in My Foreign Bride, an online dating site. Eric is about 3 days on that site. He is a new member, while i have been staying there for 1 month without any luck at all. Maybe because My Schat is my soulmate.

    in the room. I knew he was different. He is a single man from Elburg, Netherlands. He was 39 that time, and i was 20.I sign in, and went in the MFB Chatroom to look who are online, and i saw him, talked with him. We hit it from the Start, We clicked with each other. I think we are really destined to be with each other forever.

    We chatted almost everyday for 4 long months before he decided to come over and visit us here by June of 2007. It was a great experience.. it was a very unforgettable day of my life and his life!! We had so much fun..
    here's a pic!

    We have been to Camiguin Island with my parents to have a tour. Such a Great island!

    ill share some of our pictures there..
    and.. it was the time we decided to marry here, and it will be on my next post..

    I promise to love you with all of my heart honey!! IK HOU VAN JOUW MIJN SCHAT!


    Thursday, February 14, 2008

    Dutch-Filipina relationship

    I am Jenny beth, married to a dutch man Eric Groothand. He is living in a small city in Netherlands, named Elburg. Being a wife of a dutch is hard but exciting. Hard in terms of paper works and Exciting because you know in the near future you will be living in a very cold country that you are not used to.
    Philippines is a tropical country as everybody knows, while Netherlands is a very cold country. I know it will be a big sacrifice and change of my Life. But i choosed this so i have to live with it!