Friday, December 12, 2008

MVV Application for a dutch Wife

To all the Filipina/Filipino who are married to a dutch man/woman and planning to apply for the MVV. All you need to do are:

  • After marriage, wait for the Marriage Certificate from NSO (National Statistics Office). In my case, it took 21 working days before I got it.
  • Go to DFA main office in Authentication Department for the Red Ribbon. I suggest you to authenticate 2 Marriage contracts and 1 Birth Certificate. It will take 5 working days before you will get your papers back.
  • Go to the Netherlands Embassy or Cebu consulate for the Legalization of papers. Check in Netherlands Embassy website for the payment. It is on the Tarrif Section. It will take 5 working days.
  • When you got the papers, send it to your husband/wife in Netherlands for the Gemeente (City hall) Registration. It will take 8 weeks to be fully registered because Gemeente will send it to IND and the Politie (police) and check if the marriage is real. They will make some few investigations.
  • Take the Basis Examen in Netherlands Embassy Manila. (Click the Home to see about the Exam and procedures).
  • You can apply right away your MVV in the Netherlands Embassy Manila and it wil take 3 months before the result.
  • OR you can file advice in IND for more secure result. It is a free paper checking and you will get result after 4-5 weeks. If it is a positive advice, you can get your MVV after 5 days or 14 days if you will take D+C visa.

Hope this clears your questions. Goodluck! Just leave me a message for more questions or read my other posts.


Armie said...

hello Jenny,

thanks a lot for posting will be very helpful to everybody who is planning to go to the Netherlands. I have a MVV is now ready claim and i want to get the Combination Visa so i can trqavel to Schengen Area. In which insurance company i need to get a travel insurance? I ask the embassy for this but they say i need to check at the hubby is on vacation right now so he can't help me to find in net this time...please help me. You can email me in and you can visit my blog also at Thanks a lot. Armie

Jovelyn Kho said...

Hi Jenny,

Your blog is a great help. In my case, I just married a dutch guy, and I wanted to stay longer to him because it's too difficult to live far with my husband. What kind of visa shall I apply? And if ever I take the language exam and then I fail, can I still apply for a visa or I will take the exam again? Looking forward for you answer. I hope you can read this comment.
Have a good day..