Saturday, May 17, 2008

IND advice

We don't know from the Start that we need to do the ADVICE from IND. So we decided to do it instead of applying here at the embassy first. It is a free service which is given to the couples who wanted to have a family reunification. The applicants should have the correct paper requirements. Sponsor should have the required salary of IND to pass this advice. It will make the process easier and cheaper.
Here are some ways:

The application for a Provisional Residence Permit (MVV)

There are two ways to start the procedure for obtaining an Provisional Residence Permit (MVV).

  • A sponsor in the Netherlands starts the MVV procedure by submitting a request for advice to the IND

  • You can submit an application for an MVV to the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country of origin

The request for advice by a sponsor serves to support your subsequent MVV application to the embassy. The Decision made on this application is either positive or negative. You may not submit an application for review with regard to this decision.

The application you make to the embassy is the official application. With regard to a negative Decision on this application, you may submit an application for review.

A sponsor in the Netherlands submits to the IND a request for advice concerning a Provisional Residence Permit (MVV)

1. Your sponsor in the Netherlands fills in the form “Request for recommendation to obtain a Provisional Residence Permit (MVV)” and returns it to the IND, together with all required documents. The documents required are listed on the form.

2. If the IND responds positively, you then submit your application for the MVV to the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country of origin.

3. You will not be issued an MVV if you do not meet the conditions, nor will you be issued an MVV if your documents are invalid, incomplete or incorrect. You may not submit an application for review with respect to a negative advice.
You apply for the Provisional Residence Permit (MVV) in your own country of origin.

This is our time line for the advice:

03/03/08- mailed the requirements for the advice in IND
03/04/08- IND received the papers
04/08/08- IND has decided for the advice
04/10/08- Eric received the POSITIVE ADVICE


Unknown said...

Hi, im Charmelle who decided to marry a Dutch in April 2011. Im here in Riyadh and he is still in Netherlands. WHat advice can you give me where to do the wedding? and what are the requirements needed? We are still confused and we dont know really what to do first. Is it better to have wedding in the Philippines or Holland? How fast is it? He will only be having 1 month of vacation and he wants me to be with him going back to holland when we go home in the PHilippines in April 2011. I know you will help me with it. I actually need to talk to you. Please can i have your ym? Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny! We did some process for the MVV application. And my hubby got a letter from IND stating that they are giving as an acknowledgement receipt that they are now in checking and processing of our application for MVV. It was September 5 when he send the required documents for MVV and IND received it September 6, They just sent a letter to my hubby for acknowledgment receipt September 15. I want to know, if how long will we have to wait for the advice? All is well and our marriage is officially registered too at the Gemeente.

annie said...

Hi jenny,
I am Annie, currently working as an aupair in Apeldoorn. I had a dutch bf and we're planning to get partnership visa(mvv visa). I just want to know what are the requirements for both of us. And i heard to my filipina friend that the Ind will have a new rules this coming april 2012. We already search to Ind but it's better to know more since you had an experience about this issue. Can you please email me? I herewith by attatch my email add, I will be glad if you will reply to my email. Thanks in advance and God bless you and your family.