Thursday, October 30, 2008

At last!

At last, we recieved the letter from Gementee(city hall) that I can start my dutch language course soon. I have been waiting for this in 2 months now. I wanted to learn dutch so that I can communicate to the people here. Mostly of then don't know how to speak english, so it is so hard for me.
All I need now is to wait for the letter from Landstede (school) on when can I start.
Hope it will be here soon!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I am sick since friday. I have fever and flu. I can't blog for now because I feel dizzy always. I need to rest and be well. Hope I will be okay soon.
Thank you for all who are visiting my blog.
God bless!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Belastingdienst is a the dutch goverment tax company. For Dutch wifes who are staying at home or no work, they can get monthly income or pay from the goverment.
A friend of mine told me about it. We applied right away after I got my residence permit. Now I am recieving more than €2000 a year or more than €200.00 every month. They are dividing it into monthly basis.

As of now, I am recieving €418.00 a month because when we filled up, it was 5 months left, so they divided it into 5 from the yearly income. But by January it will be back into €200. That is better than nothing.

To all the dutch wives who don't have work, tell your husbands to fill up the form online, just search for the belastingdienst word.

Infrared Saunas

Unhealthy foods and bad lifestyles are people's main problem today. That's why nowadays lots of people are experiencing any pains or diseases. Doctors Stuart and Barb Hoovers invented a cure. Cure that will make people feel good and look good in a natural way.

Midwest far infrared saunas are out in the market today to help people feel good, looks good and cured at the same time. It cures arth ritis, muscle pains, body pains, high blood pressures, low pressures, eczema, skin problems and more. The Carbon wave 360 technology with revolutionary heat therapy that will help you cure your body.

This Infrared Sauna are very affordable yet usefull. Safety is not an issue either, they are certified in all continents. This Saunas are good for your whole family. Why pay on expensive sauna parlors wherein you can bring the comfort in your home with the great value.
Chaffer their site now to get your own sauna.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

doubled 20 days!

Our internet, Television and telephone connection just got back today. The 20 days has become 40 days! The company had made mistakes on the dates, that's why it happened. It was like hell without everything in more than a month!
But I am back now, so I will be updating my blog every now and then. Thank you for visiting my blog even I was not here.
Dag Alleemal! (Good day Everyone)

NFL TV package for hubby!

My husband loves to watch NFL TV. He is really addicted to it. Sometimes he will just shout while watching, when I checked what happened, the connection was off. He will have a bad following week just because of that. It pisses him off when he can't continue watching the game because of bad coverage.

This Christmas I am thinking of giving him a nice gift. I found a Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket on the net. So I think that would be a nice gift, An NFL TV Package! I am so sure he will jump, hug and kiss me for happiness on that! I want to pamper him on his way of relaxing after the tiring week of work.

DirectTV offers all kinds of TV channels for you. They will bring it in your own home while you are relaxing from your tired day. Im sure I will enjoy the channels too. So look their website now and get your own subscription.