Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Belastingdienst is a the dutch goverment tax company. For Dutch wifes who are staying at home or no work, they can get monthly income or pay from the goverment.
A friend of mine told me about it. We applied right away after I got my residence permit. Now I am recieving more than €2000 a year or more than €200.00 every month. They are dividing it into monthly basis.

As of now, I am recieving €418.00 a month because when we filled up, it was 5 months left, so they divided it into 5 from the yearly income. But by January it will be back into €200. That is better than nothing.

To all the dutch wives who don't have work, tell your husbands to fill up the form online, just search for the belastingdienst word.

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CJ said...

Hi Jenny,

Can you advice me on which form am I exactly suppose to fill up? My husband isn't sure which is which when we tried searching for it.

Thank you.