Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I want to clarify what Carol was asking in the shoutbox. The messages we can write in the shoutbox is limited, that's why I made this. There were lots of advices people gave. Some maybe misunderstood what she really means. I think I'm one of them. Sorry, nobody is perfect. hehe.

Her message was "hi to everyone, im here in Hong Kong and i have a dutch bf, we are planning to get married soon but we have some problems about where are we going to get married. Where he can get me in holland faster, can i get a tourist visa first and get the exam there and get married?"

As what I understand on what she mean was " She will get a tourist visa first, then take the exam here in Holland and get married here during her stay." That's why I said no, As what I know and read in IND website. You can't marry and take the exam here if you only have a tourist visa. You have to take the exam in the place where you are living and apply a family reunification or MVV to get in here. Marriage is Not a reason to be here faster. Even you are not married, you can come here and stay together. Living together or LIVE-IN has same rules as married couples. You can even choose which last name you wanted to use, if your old last name or your partner's last name.
She was asking too, where is the best place for them to get married. I answered Here in Holland because if you will get married in Philippines, after the marriage you will wait for your marriage contract from NSO then legalize and authenticate it. While, if you and your partner will apply the MVV and will get approve then you can stay here. If you and your partner has all the papers needed, you will get your MVV. My mistake is, I forget she is living in China. I don't know how fast are the paper processing in Hong Kong, but I think it is faster than Philippines.

There are two ways on applying MVV, thats what they call, Direct Approach and Advice Route. Either of the two is good. If you are not sure on your papers or you are afraid what will be the result, then I advice you take the ADVICE ROUTE. If you are very sure with the papers, your partner's income and all, then take the Direct Approach.

If I made some errors or forget something, just comment on this post.
Thank you for visiting and reading in my blog. I just want to share my ideas and experiences about this issues. Have a nice day everyone!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am sitting here with my daughter on my lap trying to grab the keyboard too, hehe. I am checking my blogs and realized how I miss writing and blogging. I am so focused on my daughter and to farmtown (hehe, its an online game from facebook).

My daughter Nia will turn 6 months next week, she's getting bigger everyday and naughtier. Like now, she wanted to type on the keyboard too, trying to grab it and if she can't, she'll cry.

My summer vacation is over now, tomorrow morning I will start school again. Hopefully I will be finish by the end of this year. Our teacher told me I can do exam now because I don't have problems with reading and writing, only with speaking. Hopefully, so time for me to study too and prepare myself for the coming exam. Wish me luck friends!