Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dutch language course (Inburgeringcursus) is not paid by the city hall anymore?

When you choose to immigrate in the Netherlands, it is REQUIRED to do the inburgeringcursus (dutch language exam). You need to learn the language in order to make your life here easier, talk with the people and live normally.

Yes, you read it right, starting January of 2013, all immigrants who will do the dutch language course will pay the said course by themselves. The Gemeente (City hall) will not pay for it anymore. It is a new law. The over all course estimation will be around 5000 euros (or lower).

I am lucky that I did the course and got the diploma before this law. I think you can get a studiefinanciering (money finance for studying) in IB GROEP. This money is payable after 6 months of getting the inburgering diploma. For more info, check the website of DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs). Hope this article will help you.

***This law is not applicable to all immigrants, some immigrants are NOT REQUIRED to do the said course.*** Check the website of IND or DUO for more informations.


ada said...

hi jenny,
i came across your blogged, i was happy reading some info. from u how to take the civic integration exam.
just want to ask, how long you prepared yourself in taking the exam? me and my husband decided that if possible i will be in NL on april 2012,( our ist anniversary)do u think 3 months is enough for me to study the language and ready to take the exam on jan? i am really stressed and pressured esp.i have known that there are 3 parts of the exam now, unlike before that have 2 parts only, and the passing grades also become higher:-( i am so nervous for i know i will have a hard time in learning the language terms of their accent kc bisaya ako, matigas dila :-)pls.give me some advice...thanks and more power...ate ada

Jenny said...

@Ate Ada

salamat sa pag agi sa akong blog.. hehehe
I prepared for almost 6 months (studying 2 hours a day) Then kaming duha sa akong bana ang magstudy while naga chat mi.. The exam is really nerve breaking pero always be positive and say something, maski IK WEET HET NIET (I don't know) ang imong itubag, that's ok as long as you said something. Wishing you all the best and goodluck!!!
ps. from what city are you? I'm from dvo city.
Groetjes en fijne dag verder!

ada said...

hello again jen, now lang uli ako nakapag-open sa site mo mejo bc. i have already my learning kit kaya yan ang pinagkakaabalahan ko ngayon...pag ang sagot ko IK WEET HET NIET (I don't know) sa exam may point din ba yon? hahaha, joke...
salamat sa mga payo mo at sana nga pumasa din ako sa exam katulad mo, malay mo magkita tayo sa holland pag nakarating uli ako, (uli)kc nagtourist na din ako last may to july 2011....syanga pala, taga samar ako, waray ang dialect namin pero nakakaintindi ako ng ilongo at konting cebuano kc sa negros occ.ako nag-aral ng high school....regards and many thanks again....God bless

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Amagesoft said...

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