Thursday, September 15, 2011

A big mistake!

I applied for a renewal of my Philippine passport last July in the Philippine Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands. It is about 2 hours ride from our place (quite far). They are making the passports in Philippines that's why it will took about 30 - 45 days to get the new one. So we have to go there twice, first for the application and second is for getting it. So last week, we had the time to get it. I was free from work and hubby got the day off just for it.

When I had my passport on my hand, the lady in the embassy asked me to check if all is correct. So I opened it and read, and my birthdate is wrong! So, I said "My birthday date is wrong, instead of Nov. 1, it's Jan. 11". So she immediately checked my application form and she said "Oh, It was your fault".
Yeah, It was really my fault, I did the putting of the date as how they put it here in Holland and I never read and thought that I am in Philippines applying for a Philippine passport.

In Holland it's day before month, so i put 01-11 but in the Philippines, it's month before day, that's why its January 11. And I really felt so stupid (sorry for my word but that is what i felt that time).

Well, they won't change it for free, so what I should do is apply for a new passport and pay 60 euros again (which is 4 times expensive than in Philippines).

I've learned so many lessons on this experience. I promise myself to read everything first before doing something.

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kakai said...

ok ra na ters... charge to experienced.