Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Applying for the Dutch Citizenship

If you have a Dutch partner and you are thinking of applying for the Dutch Citizernship. You need the following requirements.

* At least 3 years living here in Netherlands with your partner in the same address.
* A valid passport (from your country of origin).
* A valid residence permit issued by the IND Netherlands.
* A legalized and translated birth certificate from your country of origin.
* An inburgering (Dutch language course) diploma or any evidence that you did the Inburgering.

For fees, you can visit the IND site.

Waiting period will take about 6 months (more or less). If you want to have more informations about naturalisation, visit the IND WEBSITE. iti


cc mezz said...

will the length of time before applying for a dutch passport make a difference if you are married or just living with each other? thanks

Unknown said...

Hi jen,
Can i have your email add pls?Me and my dutch bf were planning to "Registered partner" and were thinking of doing it in netherland. Would u tell me what visa should we apply and whats the 1st steps of requirements should should we comply Anyway im here in phil and been in NL twice as a tourist visa last yr.

francis said...

Hi jenny i saw all ur blogs and i would like to ask for ur dutch and i have a filipina gf and i want her to live with me here maybe u can help me with the requirements...if i can have ur email that would be nice...salamat

Unknown said...


You have a wonderful blog and helps filipinos see themselves in the netherlands.

Can you hel me as well. May I get your email? Thanks

Rena Singaporian said...

i have known to scene dutch Filipina Relationship.there have benefit Applying for the Dutch Citizenship thanks for sharing this post.

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monica said...

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