Saturday, August 30, 2008

Seafoods on the go!

Me and Hubby always love seafoods. I found a site that features the greatest American Seafood cook off in USA. A recipe gets me and hubby's attention. It is made by Chef John Currence from the State of Mississippi. He called it, "Mississipi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice". We love rice and seafoods. This recipe is a perfect combination for us. I will surely make this one of this days. I already downloaded the recipe.

Seafoods are good for us. Asian countries are eating this mostly everyday. According to the research it lessen the risk of having cancer and other diseases. Nowadays, people have come to realize the importance of seafoods in our diet. Various studies and researches have proved that the best sources of good fats, vitamins, and minerals to promote good health can actually be found on different seafoods.

So make the best seafood recipe now. Chaffer thier site now and taste the great american seafood cook off.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

She would change him forever!

"She didn't belong. She was misunderstood. And she would change him forever."
That is a famous tagline from the award winning movie "A walk to Remember" wayback in 2002. I really liked that movie a lot, I think I watched it for 5 times! It is such a nice love story of Landon Carter and Jaime Sullivan. In real life, those re Shane West and Mandy Moore. They are such a cute pair. You can always use that tagline in your own life's love story. Im sure there are so many out there who can relate in this.

I found a nice site to play taglines! It is the VO5 Ultimate Flirting Championship Extreme Style by VO5 . I was enjoying playing with it. It is so fun and cool. You can play with the classic lines you have and use it to win! I will diffinitely play again in there.

Go at the site now and play. You will really love it as how I did.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brillante Weblog

Thank you Yen for this tag. Thank you for the message about my blog.
Here are the rules for passing on the award:

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And I am passing this to the following:
  1. To Maricel for having such a nice blog.
  2. To flor being a good friend and having a nice photography blog.
  3. To Joy for being a good blogging friend, a strong wife and a mother.
  4. To Madz for having a nice blog and being proud of where she came from.
  5. To Lorlyn because she has been a very good friend to us.
  6. To Te Gigi for teaching me about this blogging world, sharing me her ideas and insights and for being a good online friend.
  7. Lastly to Lara for visiting my blog often.. hehehe..

Enjoy your blogging!

Tourist Visa in Netherlands

Tourist Visa in netherlands will take 1-2 months of processing. You can stay for 3 months.

What conditions must the tourist meet?
Philippines has a visa requirement. If the tourist wants to apply for a tourist visa for a maximum of 3 months, he must meet the following conditions and have the following documents:

  • he or she must have a valid passport
  • he or she must not constitute a risk to public order, national security or the international relations of one of the countries of the Schengen territory
  • he or she must have sufficient funds
  • he or she must have medical travel insurance
  • he or she must provide evidence of his or her travel objective
  • he or she must not be wanted by the Netherlands or one of the other Schengen countries
  • if he or she is travelling to the Netherlands for medical treatment, he or she must be able to prove that the Netherlands is the most appropriate country for this medical treatment.

This was taken from IND website.

Travel Insurance

If you are applying for a visa in Netherlands. You need to get a travel insurance for your stay in here. It should be valid for 3-4 months. You can get your travel insurance in OOM. You can choose in the choices they have. You can apply for it online.
Just check the site now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

city of Elburg!

ELBURG is a small city in Eastern Netherlands. The picture above is the Vischpoort (fishport). Elburg is near the water and beaches. It is a quiet and nice city. Became a city in 12th century. Every year, there are lots of foreigner visiting this city because of its fresh water and fishes.

Hubby is living in this city since he was 2 years old. I am starting to love this city and will difinitely raise my kids in this city.

See you all in Elburg!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Worst Pick up Line

Have you been out and heard a worst pick up line lately?
Because I did. I have been out last week to buy something on the shop nearby. When I was getting some drinks at the rack, I saw this guy coming to me and saying "Hey Girl, What's up? Guess what? It's your lucky day. Out of all the girls here, I picked you to talk to". I was shocked because I don't know him at all. He is tall with this Stylish Hair Extreme Style by VO5. He is so cool with that hair style but I told him, " Sorry, I need to go, my husband is waiting at me on the house. Look for someone who has the same cool hairstyle as you have". I smiled at him and go at the counter to pay. Before I left, I saw him talking to a girl with same cool hairstyle as him.

He can talk with those girls right away because of his cool hair style. So, if you want to talk to the girls you like and have that cool hairstyle, I suggest you to play
THE ULTIMATE FLIRTING CHAMPIONSHIPExtreme Style by VO5 . It is so cool and fun, I tried to play it. Chaffer thier site now and play your game!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

IND income Requirements for MVV

As of July of 2008, the Income requirements from IND has changed.
You should have this monthly income before you can apply for the MVV for your partner.

Here is the Requirements..

Family Formation:
(Married Couples and Unmarried Cohabiting Couples)
Standard requirement with Holiday Pay: 1.528,04 Euros
Without Holiday Pay : 1.457,75 Euros

Family Reunification:
(Married Couples and Unmarried Cohabiting Couples)
Standard Requirement with Holiday Pay: 1.273,37 Euros
Without Holiday Pay: 1.214,79 Euros

(Single Parents)
Standard with Holiday Pay: 891,36 Euros
Without Holiday Pay: 850,36 Euros

(Single Persons)
Standard with Holiday Pay: 636,69 Euros
Without Holiday Pay: 607,40 Euros

Short Stay Visa:
(For Sponsors)
Standard with Holiday Pay: 1.273,37 Euros
Without Holiday Pay: 1.214,79 Euros

I know someone that applied for IND advice and just 5 euros low on the income, they got denied!

out for football

Yesterday, we are out in the afternoon for a football match. It is Hubby's old team mates. He is not playing anymore because his ankle need to be operated by the end of this week.
It was so cold outside but I wanted to see the match. Dad is the one who is working on the team's paper works, the team's medic and a fan, hehehe..

But it was a bad day for them.. they lost the game, maybe because I was

Here are some pictures of the match yesterday.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Authentication and Legalisation of papers for visa

If you are applying for a visa in Netherlands, the very first thing you do is Legalised your papers.
Get your papers authenticated in DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs Philippines) Manila Main office, it is in Gate 1, Authentication Section. Asked the guards on where is the counter. You will pay 120 pesos each paper. You can pick up your papers after 5 working days or they can send it to you but you have to pay for it.

When you have your Authenticated papers or Red Ribboned Pappers, you can now go to the embassy or consulate for the legalisation. Prepare 1,680 pesos for each paper. You can pick it up too after 5 working days or they can send it to you via a courier service.

If you have any questions about this, just leave me a message.. thanks!

How to Apply for the Civic Exam?

If you are planning on taking the civic exam in Netherlands, your partner must apply for it online first. There is an application form in IND website. After the application, IND will send you mail with informations on where to pay for it. After they recieve the payment, they will send you another mail on the exam number and your fiancee can call the embassy for an appointment.

Got this one from the IND website.

How do you apply
The fees for the civic integration examination abroad (€350) are paid into the central bank account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands. The following payment procedure applies in this respect:

  • In most cases, the candidate who wishes to take the civic integration examination abroad has a sponsor in the Netherlands. Responsibility for payment therefore lies with the sponsor, in principle
  • The sponsor in the Netherlands completes the application form on the IND's website. This form is forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • A message is automatically sent to the sponsor's e-mail address stating the payment details and a unique reference number
  • The sponsor transfers the examination fee to the account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by bank transfer. Please note: it is important that the reference number and the name of the candidate are stated!
  • Once the payment has been received, a confirmation of receipt will be sent to the sponsor's e-mail address stating that the candidate may contact the Dutch representation in order to make an appointment.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Soap and Shampoo Tag

Thank you Flor for sharing this tag.. hehehe.. Its a funny
::Start Copy::

1. You can include in the post a picture of your favorite soap or the sopa you are currently using.
2. Please post this in the blog which you will add in the “blogs that joined.” You can add unlimitted number of blogs as long as this tag is posted there.
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5. Remember to come back here at DANCING IN MIDLIFE TUNE (pls. don’t change this link) and leave the exact post url so I can add you to the master list as this is one way to help increase our rankings and improve our Technorati Authority. :)
6. Tag as many friends as you can.

Dancing in Midlife Tune - Aeirins Collections - BiznHoney - Kidd Designs - My One DesireEds Mommy Life - Tasteful voyage - All I want is Everything - Dutch-Filipina Relationship

These are some of the soaps we use


Soap Questions:

1. Favorite Soap: Safeguard white
2. Facial Soap: clerasil
3. Body Soap: Safeguard white
4. Intimate Soap: Femfresh
5. Laundy Soap: Wit Kluer and Wit white
6. Undies Soap: Wit
7. Baby Soap: none so
8. Favorite Shampoo: wayback in Phil its Pantene but now its Cien
9. Favorite Conditoner: Loreal
10. Baby Shampoo: None so far.. I'll get one soon..hehehe

::End Copy::

I want to share this tag to Ellen, Mae, Raquel, Ruby, tingting and Joy. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

trade show displays on sale!

Do you know that Trade Shows, concerts and organizational events are not easy to plan and do. Companies have to watch on every details used, the kinds of materials, the designs, the banners, the truss and etc. They wanted the Show to be perfect for the crowd and a very eye catching on the costumers!

Nowadays, there is an excellent company that making those designs for Trade Show Displays possible. Camelback Displays is a service exhibit house that helps the companies which is planning on trade shows, concerts or organization events. Making those events possible with high class materilas being used with factory prices. Everything you need is here! Just name it! From the truss to the flooring with very low prices. A lot of options and designs they can choose. The truss is the high tech industrial component. Camelback can make it as circular, straight, curve, orbital or collapsible. Safe, portable, durable and install in minutes even without tools!

Companies have to consider the Banner Stands being used too. If it is durable and big. It is the most important thing because it catches the crowd and shows the product pictures or company informations. Camelback banner stands can be installed in just minutes! With different designs like retractable, telescoping, multiform, sail banner and more!

They can provide anything on any theme you want.
So if you are planning on any events, don't think twice!
Go and chaffer thier site now for the things you need!

long distance relationship

After our marriage, Hubby has to go back home and work for us while I am miles away from him. We wanted to have a normal marriage life as couple but because of the country's rules, we can't stay together for more than a year.

Long distance relationship is not as easy as what others think. It is the hardest part of a relationship. There are times that we wanted to hug each other but how? We only communicate through chatting and phone. He visits me in Philippines every after 6 months! Yeah, 6 months! Long days, weeks and months to wait.

We were so happy when we all have the papers and the visa on hand. And now, I am here in Netherlands for 2 months and with a 2 months pregnancy.

All I think of our situation before was worst! So take my Relationship Advice. Trust and love your partner! It is the most powerful thing in this relationship!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friendship tag

We need friends for many reasons,all throughout the season.We need friends to comfort uswhen we are sad,and to have fun with us when we are glad.We need friends to give us good advice,We need someone we can count on,and treat us nice.We need friends to remember usone we have passedsharing memories that will always last.

Spread the poem of friendship.
1. Everyday Life
2. Words of Love
3. Sheng's Simple Thoughts
4. My Life's Rollercoaster Ride
5. Madz Life's Diary
6. Madz Wedding in Mauritius
7. Proud Pinay
8. Duth-Filipina Relationship
9... YOU

Thank you so much Madz for being a nice blogger friend. Thank you for this tag too.

Friends do come and go, but online friends are always there. Hope Internet will be forever so that we will not lose our communications.

I want to pass this tag to all my online friends. You know who are you.. so grab it now!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bringing your partner to Netherlands

There are two ways to bring your beloved fiancee/wife to Netherlands.

First is, if you want to rejoin your spouse or partner in the Netherlands. This is called ‘family reunification’. You were already a family when you lived abroad together.

Second is, if you want to live with your spouse or partner in the Netherlands; you have not lived together before. This is called ‘establishing a family’. When you started a relationship or got married, you were already living in the Netherlands. Your spouse or partner was living abroad at this time.
There are specific conditions for this processes.

  • you are married and your marriage has been registered in the Netherlands, in the municipal personal records database [Gemeentelijke Basisadministratie];
  • or you are both unmarried and you are able to prove this with official legalised documents;
  • you are not a danger to public order
  • you are 21 or older. In the case of family reunification, you must be 18 or older;
  • you will live with your spouse or partner as soon as he/she arrives in the Netherlands:-
  • you are intending to run a joint household;- he is going to register himself at the same address as you.
  • he/she is required to take the Civic Integration Examination Abroad (Caution: he/she is exempted from taking the civil integration test if he/she has the American, Australian, Canadian, Japanese, New Zealand or South Korean nationality).
  • you are 21 or older. In the case of family reunification, you must be 18 or older;
  • you enjoy sufficient income in the Netherlands

Check with the embassy site in your country for the documents needed.
Hope I am able to help you.

List of Opposites (tegenstelligen) 2

Here are another list of opposites you need to study and memorize.

zelfstandige naamwoorden

1. achternaam – voornaam
2. alles – niets
3. arm - been
4. begin - einde
5. binnenkant – buitenkant
6. binnenland – buitenland
7. broer – zus8. dag – nacht
9. dames - heren
10. dood – leven
11. dorp – stad
12. geluk – ongeluk
13. hand – voet
14. honger – dorst
15. iemand – niemand
16. iets – niets
17. ingang – uitgang
18. kind – volwassene
19. lawaai – stilte
20. lengte – breedte
21. liefde - haat
22. man – vrouw
23. meneer - mevrouw
24. nacht – dag
25. neef – nicht
26. ochtend – avond
27. onderkant – bovenkant
28. oom – tante
29. oorlog – vrede
30. opa – oma
31. optimist – pessimist
32. ouders - kinderen
33. overwinning – nederlaag
34. succes - mislukking
35. voordeel – nadeel
36. voorjaar – najaar
37. voorkant – achterkant
38. vraag – antwoord
39. vriend – vijand
40. winst – verlies
41. winter - zomer
42. zon – maan
43. zon – schaduw
44. zonsopgang – zonsondergang
45. werkwoorden
46. aandoen – uitdoen****
47. aankleden – uitkleden
48. beginnen – stoppen
49. bekennen – ontkennen
50. branden – blussen*****
51. delen – vermenigvuldigen
52. drijven – zinken
53. eten – drinken
54. geven – krijgen
55. groeien – krimpen
56. inladen – uitladen
57. inpakken – uitpakken
58. komen - gaan
59. kopen – verkopen
60. leven – sterven
61. lukken – mislukken
62. onthouden - vergeten
63. openen – sluiten
64. optellen – aftrekken****
65. praten – zwijgen
66. slagen – zakken****
67. slapen – wakker zijn
68. staan – zitten
69. stijgen - dalen
70. stoppen – doorgaan
71. trouwen - scheiden
72. uitdoen - aandoen
73. vergeten – herinneren
74. verhogen – verlagen
75. verschijnen – verdwijnen
76. vinden – verliezen
77. vriezen – dooien
78. winnen – verliezen
79. zitten – staan

1. aan - uit
2. achter – voor
3. binnen – buiten
4. boven – beneden
5. boven - onder
6. dichtbij – veraf
7. in – uit
8. op – af
9. op – onder
10. op – in
11. voor - na

The list of Opposites (tegenstellingen) 1

In the Part 2 of the Exam (Language Part) there are questions about the opposites. For all the examinies, please print this and memorize it. This list helped me a lot. This is where i got points.

lijst tegenstellingen (list of Opposites)

1. aangenaam – onaangenaam
2. aanwezig – afwezig
3. aardig – onaardig
4. actief – passief
5. altijd – nooit
6. andere – dezelfde
7. arm – rijk
8. bang – dapper
9. bekend – onbekend
10. beleefd – onbeleefd
11. beter – slechter
12. bewust – onbewust
13. bijna – helemaal
14. bijzonder – gewoon
15. binnen – buiten
16. blij – bedroefd
17. blij – bedroefd
18. bol – hol
19. bot – scherp
20. boven – beneden
21. breed – smal
22. daarna – daarvoor
23. dag – nacht
24. dapper – laf
25. dicht – open
26. dichtbij – veraf
27. diep – ondiep
28. dik – dun
29. dit – dat
30. donker – licht
31. droog – nat
32. druk – stil
33. duur – goedkoop
34. echt – onecht
35. eenvoudig – ingewikkeld
36. eerlijk – oneerlijk
37. eerste – laatste
38. ergens – nergens
39. even – oneven
40. expres – per ongeluk
41. fijn – grof
42. gebruikt - ongebruikt
43. geduldig – ongeduldig
44. gekreukeld – gestreken
45. gelijk – ongelijk
46. geschikt – ongeschikt
47. gewoon – ongewoon
48. gezond – ongezond
49. gierig – gul
50. glad – stroef
51. glanzend – dof
52. goed – fout
53. goed – slecht
54. goedkoop – duur
55. groot – klein
56. haat – liefde
57. half – heel
58. handig – onhandig
59. hard – zacht
60. heel – stuk
61. heen - terug
62. heet – koud
63. helder – troebel
64. hier – daar
65. hierna – hiervoor
66. hoog – laag
67. horizontaal – verticaal
68. houden van – haten
69. iets – niets
70. interessant – saai
71. ja - nee
72. jong – oud7
3. juist – onjuist
74. kapot - heel
75. klein – groot
76. knap – dom
77. kort - lang
78. koud – warm
79. laag – hoog
80. langzaam – snel
81. later – vroeger
82. leeg – vol
83. lekker – vies
84. lelijk – mooi
85. leuk – vervelend
86. levend – dood
87. licht – donker
88. licht – zwaar
89. links - rechts
90. los – vast
91. lui – ijverig
92. makkelijk – moeilijk
93. mals – taai
94. mannelijk – vrouwelijk
95. maximaal – minimaal
96. meer – minder
97. meest – minst
98. min – plus
99. modern – ouderwets
100. moeilijk – makkelijk
101. mogelijk – onmogelijk
102. mooi – lelijk
103. nacht – dag
104. nat – droog
105. netjes – rommelig
106. niet – wel
107. nieuw – oud
108. nodig – onnodig
109. nooit – altijd
110. noord – zuid
111. normaal – abnormaal
112. nu - later
113. nu – straks
114. nuttig – nutteloos
115. omhoog – omlaag
116. oost – west
117. op tijd – te laat
118. open – dicht
119. openbaar – privĂ©
120. opgeblazen – leeggelopen
121. oud – jong
122. oud – nieuw
123. overdag – 's nachts
124. plus – min
125. precies – ongeveer
126. raak – mis
127. recht – krom
128. recht – schuin
129. rond – vierkant
130. samen – alleen
131. schaars – overvloedig
132. scherp – bot
133. schoon – vuil
134. schuldig – onschuldig
135. slap – stijf
136. slim – dom
137. slordig – netjes
138. smakelijk – onsmakelijk
139. smal – breed
140. soms – altijd
141. sterk – zwak
142. stout – lief
143. strak – los
144. tam – wild
145. toekomst – verleden
146. vandaag – morgen
147. veel – weinig
148. verdrietig – blij
149. verleden – toekomst
150. vers – bedorven
151. verstandig – onverstandig
152. vet – mager
153. vlug – langzaam
154. vol – leeg
155. voor – tegen
156. voorzichtig – onvoorzichtig
157. vorige – volgende
158. vriendelijk – onvriendelijk
159. vroeg – laat
160. vroeger – later
161. vuil – schoon
162. waarschijnlijk – onwaarschijnlijk*****
163. warm - koud
164. weinig – veel
165. wijd – nauw
166. wijs – onwijs
167. zacht – hard
168. zeker – onzeker
169. zichtbaar – onzichtbaar
170. ziek – gezond
171. zoet – zuur
172. zon – maandag
173. zwaar – licht
174. zwak – krachtig

there are more lists of opposites in my next pose.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

MVV requirements

What you need are the following:

Latest 2x2 colored picture
Partner's copy of passport (scanned or photocopy)
Legalised Marriage contract
Legalised Birth certificate
Exam Result (PASSED)
Travel Insurance valid for 6 months (for D+C visa)

There are 2 different kinds of visa:

The C visa which you don't need a travel insurance anymore but you can't go out of the country while you don't have your residence Permit.

The D+C visa which you have to get a travel insurance and you can stroll at other european countries while waiting for the residence permit.

If you had the advice from IND, you don't need to pay anything in the embassy. Just prepare money for the Delbros (sending the visa in your place) if you are far from Makati. It is much easier than picking up you visa.

My MVV application

When we recieved a mail from IND that my advice was positive. On the following day I called the Netherlands Embassy in Philippines to set an appointment for my MVV application. I called April 13,2008 and got the appointment date of May 15, 2008. That was so long to wait. I thought when I will call for appointment they can serve me on the following week, but I was wrong. So I have to wait again.

I went in Makati at May 14, 2008 and checked-in in a hotel near the embassy. On the following day, I went at the embassy around 7:30 am, appointment time was 8:00am. Good that I already have the application form of MVV (got it the last time I was in the Embassy) so I don't need to fill up there.

When I was in the building, I got my priority number and seated, waiting for my turn to be called. When the counter 1 called me, he has some few questions, get my finger print. It was an easy one because we already have our Positive Advice from IND. When he got everything what he need, he asked me if I will pick it up or use the Delbros. I used Delbros because Im from Mindanao and don't want to go back again to manila just to pick it up. After paying for the Delbros, he called me again to give me the informations I need. I went back home on the afternoon.

I am suppose to wait for 2 weeks for my Visa because I got a D+C visa (while you don't have your residence permit you can go out in other europe countries) and C visa (only in Netherlands when you don't have your residence permit).
Luckily I got my visa after 10 days. It was a fast one.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Residence Permit

We receive an email from IND (Ministerie van Justitie) yesterday that we can get my Residence Permit today at IND Office in Zwolle. They made decision after 3 weeks of applying for it. And i can get the id completely after 5 weeks.
I am very happy knowing it, It means I can start working now, get health insurance and open a bank account for myself.
We will go there later and get it.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Basisexamen Inburgering (Basic Exam in Netherlands)

Below is a sample exam a friend recorded and sent to me.
You will hear this exactly on the the real exam, but the questions are different. I know how it feels about the exam, i had that worriness and feeling before too. So i am sharing this to all of you.
Hope you can use this to study and make it possible to pass this exam.
Don't worry too much, just believe in yourself.
I've made it, i'm sure you can make it too!!!

Welkom bij het oefenexamen Nederlandse taal (welcome to the practiceexam Dutch language)

Deel A - Nazeggen (part A - repeat)
U hoort steeds een zin, zeg de zin precies na. (you hear every time asentence, repeat the sentence exactly)
bijvoorbeeld, (for example)
de stem zegt: 'Dat is een mooi verhaal' (a voice says: 'this is a nice story')
en u zegt: 'Dat is een mooi verhaal' (and you say:'this is a nice story)

Nu is het uw beurt (now its your turn)
Luister naar de zin en zeg precies na wat u hoorde (listen to thesentence and repeat exactly what you heard)

- dat kan wel kloppen (this could be true)
- Het is niet helemaal gegaan zoals we het verwacht hadden. (it didnt go exctly the way we had expected)
- Dat was een pijnlijke vergissing (this was a painful mistake)
- Als we tenminste op tijd zijn. (if we are at least on time)
- Ik weet niet hoe dat kon gebeuren. (i dont know how this could happen)
- Hij gaat ieder weekend vissen. (he goes every weekend fishing)
- Hij moet het wat rustiger aan gaan doen. (he has to slow down a bit)

Deel B - Vragen (part B - questions)
U hoort steeds een korte vraag, geef op elke vraag een kort antwoord.(you hear every time a short question, give to each question a shortanswer)

Bijvoorbeeld, (for example)

Een stem zegt: 'Is januari een dag of een maand ?' (a voice says:'isjanuary a day or a month?")
en u zegt: 'maand' (and you say: 'month')

Nu is het uw beurt (now its your turn)

Luister naar de vraag en geef dan antwoord. (listen to the questionand give an answer)

- Is een auto om in te rijden of om in te koken ? (is a car to drivein or to cook in?)
- Wat kun je doen met een mes ? (what can you do with a knife?)
- Is een kerk een gebouw of een poort ? (is a church a building or a port?)
- Hoe noem je iemand die niets kan horen ? (how do you call somebodywho cant hear?)
- Als je een groot gezin hebt, heb je dan veel of weinig kinderen ?(if you have a big family, do you have a lot or a few children?)
- Wie woont er op een boerderij ? (who lives in a farm?)
- Hoe noem je het gebouw waar kinderen les krijgen ? (how do you callthe building where children get lesson?)
- Als iets ingewikkeld is, is het dan makkelijk of moeilijk ? (ifsomething is complicated, is it easy or difficult?)

Deel C - Nazeggen (part C - repeat)

U hoort weer zinnen, zeg elke zin weer precies na. (you hear againsentences, repeat again every sentence exactly)

bijvoorbeeld, (for example)

de stem zegt: 'Dat is een mooi verhaal' (the voice says: 'this is anice story')
en u zegt: 'Dat is een mooi verhaal' (and you say: 'this is a nice

Nu is het uw beurt (now its your turn)
Luister naar de zin en zeg precies na wat u hoorde (listen to thesentence and repeat exactly what you heard)

- Ik moet een nieuwe bril. (i need new glasses)
- Dat kun je op je vingers natellen. (you can count it on your fingers)
- De aardappels zijn op. (the potatoes are finished)
- Heb je een pen bij je ? (do you have a pen with you?)
- Wie is er aan de beurt? (whos turn is it?)
- Dat kan iedereen wel zeggen. (anybody can say that)
- we zien geen oplossing voor uw probleem. (we dont see a solution foryour problem)

Deel D - Tegenstellingen (part D - oposites)

U hoort steeds een woord, u zegt het tegenovergestelde. (you hearevery time a word, you say the oposite)
bijvoorbeeld, (for example)
u hoort: hoog, dan zegt u: laag. (you hear: high, then you say: low)

Nu is het uw beurt (now its your turn)

Luister naar het woord en zeg het tegengestelde woord (listen to theword and say the oposite word)
- arm (poor)
- laatste (last)
- gister (yesterday)
- liefde (love)
- vader (father)
- erna (after that)

Deel E - verhalen navertellen (part E - repeating stories)

U hoort korte verhalen. U moet het verhaal navertellen. (you hearshort stories. you have to repeat the story)U krijgt daarvoor 30 seconden.
Vertel zoveel mogelijk. (you have 30seconds. tell as much as possible)
Denk bijvoorbeeld aan: wie deden er mee, wat gebeurde er,waar was het en hoe liep het af. (think for example: whoparticipated, what happend, where was it and how did it end)

-Vincent wil niet naar school. (vincent dont wanna go to school)

Maar zegt zijn moeder, school is belangrijk als je goed werk wiltvinden of geld wilt verdienen. (but his mother says, school is important if wanna find a good job or if you wanna earn money)

Z'n vader zegt: 'het is toch leuk om al je vriendjes te zien opschool'. (his father says: 'its nice to see all your friends atschool)

Maar Vincent wil geen geld verdienen, en hij heeft niet zoveelvriendjes. (but vincent doesnt wanna earn money, and he doesnt haveso many friends)

Hij gaat naar de haven om naar de boten te kijken. (he goes to the sea port, to watch the boats)

Hij droomt van verre landen. (he is dreaming of distant countries)

-Op het strand staat een harde wind, Henk en Jan zijn aan hetvoetballen, vlakbij ligt een man op het strand te slapen.(on the beach there is heavy wind, Henk and Jan are playing football,near by there is a man sleeping on the beach)

Jan schiet de bal naar Henk, maar door de wind gaat het mis.(Jan shoot the ball to Henk, but because of the wind its going wrong)

De bal komt op het hoofd van de man terecht, de man schrikt wakker en roeptheel boos "Jongens kijk nou toch eens uit !",(The ball comes on the head of the man, the man wake up and says veryangry "Guys, watch out!")

Henk en Jan zeggen "Sorry meneer, het kwam door de wind"(Henk and Jan say "sorry sir, it was because of the wind)

"Oh" zegt de man, "dan is het niet erg, mag ik ook meespelen, ik bennu toch wakker".(oh, the man says, then it's ok, may i play with you, im awake any way)

Dank u voor het bellen, u kunt nu ophangen. (thank you for calling,you can hang up now)

Pinoy channels

A friend told me where I can view some filipino tv programs on my pc. It's Pinoy Channel, I am so happy because i really missed the programs i used to watch before, the programs i love, the series programs and some current news about philippines. It cures my loneliness when i saw those programs yesterday. I feel like im Home!
Thank you Joy for the tip.. Hope you can visit it too girls, im sure you'll be happy too.

Excited Parents to be!

Me and Hubby are very excited on my pregnancy. We are making it possible that the baby will be healthy and beautiful (lol).
We make joke of it, i call Him "Daddy" and he calls me "Mommy". Everyday, when he is home from work, he kisses me and my tummy always. He is very excited. Its his first baby.
I just hope he is excited with the consequences of it..hehe Like waking up in the middle of the night to make milk or change diapers. When the baby is sick and you have to be always awake. We are talking about it already. We will do it in shifting. Its not easy to raise a baby.
As first timers, we will do our best for our baby and our family.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

letter from IND

We receive a letter from IND last week saying that they have already decided on my residence permit. It is positive, so its ready for pick up.

Hubby called IND yesterday, and they say, this week or next week, the Permit is ready. We will receive another letter indicating the date on when to pick uo. Hope its here soon.

We are so happy knowing that. I want to go to the doctor soon. I want to have some advices and vitamins for my baby.