Wednesday, August 20, 2008

long distance relationship

After our marriage, Hubby has to go back home and work for us while I am miles away from him. We wanted to have a normal marriage life as couple but because of the country's rules, we can't stay together for more than a year.

Long distance relationship is not as easy as what others think. It is the hardest part of a relationship. There are times that we wanted to hug each other but how? We only communicate through chatting and phone. He visits me in Philippines every after 6 months! Yeah, 6 months! Long days, weeks and months to wait.

We were so happy when we all have the papers and the visa on hand. And now, I am here in Netherlands for 2 months and with a 2 months pregnancy.

All I think of our situation before was worst! So take my Relationship Advice. Trust and love your partner! It is the most powerful thing in this relationship!

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