Sunday, August 17, 2008

My MVV application

When we recieved a mail from IND that my advice was positive. On the following day I called the Netherlands Embassy in Philippines to set an appointment for my MVV application. I called April 13,2008 and got the appointment date of May 15, 2008. That was so long to wait. I thought when I will call for appointment they can serve me on the following week, but I was wrong. So I have to wait again.

I went in Makati at May 14, 2008 and checked-in in a hotel near the embassy. On the following day, I went at the embassy around 7:30 am, appointment time was 8:00am. Good that I already have the application form of MVV (got it the last time I was in the Embassy) so I don't need to fill up there.

When I was in the building, I got my priority number and seated, waiting for my turn to be called. When the counter 1 called me, he has some few questions, get my finger print. It was an easy one because we already have our Positive Advice from IND. When he got everything what he need, he asked me if I will pick it up or use the Delbros. I used Delbros because Im from Mindanao and don't want to go back again to manila just to pick it up. After paying for the Delbros, he called me again to give me the informations I need. I went back home on the afternoon.

I am suppose to wait for 2 weeks for my Visa because I got a D+C visa (while you don't have your residence permit you can go out in other europe countries) and C visa (only in Netherlands when you don't have your residence permit).
Luckily I got my visa after 10 days. It was a fast one.

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