Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Getting Ready...

Huh.. I never thought it was been that hard to be married on a foreigner. You have to undergo different offices.. huh! But it was exciting too!

Getting Married with a Dutch national is a bit hard. First, the Civil registral office of the city is requiring you to get a Legal capacity to Marry from the DUTCH Embassy. Requirements includes the ff:

To apply for a "Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage" both parties must present the following original documents to this Embassy between 10.00 hrs.- 12.00 hrs., Monday to Thursday (except holidays). The chancery fees should be paid at the time of application for Legal Capacity.

The Philippine party needs to bring:
  • Legalised birth certificate
  • Legalised certificate of civil status (not older than 6 months; contents in the civil status must correlate with the information in the birth certificate)
  • valid Philippine passport, if available.

  • The Dutch party needs to bring:
  • birth certificate
  • certificate of civil status issued by the municipality in the Netherlands (not older than 6 months).
  • valid Dutch passport.
  • If you have all the requirements, you can get the the Said Paper the following day!

    After getting that, You and Your Partner should Apply for the Marriage license at the City Registral Office and you have to wait for 10 Working days for the posting of it. Within that days, you have to do the Pre-Nuptial Seminar to be held at the City Health Office. But you can ask the City registral about the Seminar for Foreigners, they are exempted on some of it.

    When you already have the Marriage license, you can go on any courts to get married. They Require other papers too, go and ask them first.
    If you want it to be a church Wedding, go to the parish Church and ask what do they require on the Foreign Nationals.

    Keep asking.. Its not as difficult as what you think.



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    Hi do you have idea om getring marry to a french guy?do i need legal capacity roo?or jist for my fiancee?