Tuesday, February 19, 2008

how we meet?

AUGUST 15 2005- at 2pm (Philippine time)

It was the time and day we first met, it was in My Foreign Bride, an online dating site. Eric is about 3 days on that site. He is a new member, while i have been staying there for 1 month without any luck at all. Maybe because My Schat is my soulmate.

in the room. I knew he was different. He is a single man from Elburg, Netherlands. He was 39 that time, and i was 20.I sign in, and went in the MFB Chatroom to look who are online, and i saw him, talked with him. We hit it from the Start, We clicked with each other. I think we are really destined to be with each other forever.

We chatted almost everyday for 4 long months before he decided to come over and visit us here by June of 2007. It was a great experience.. it was a very unforgettable day of my life and his life!! We had so much fun..
here's a pic!

We have been to Camiguin Island with my parents to have a tour. Such a Great island!

ill share some of our pictures there..
and.. it was the time we decided to marry here, and it will be on my next post..

I promise to love you with all of my heart honey!! IK HOU VAN JOUW MIJN SCHAT!


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