Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eric's 3rd Visit

Since i am denied on my tourist visa on Netherlands, We decided that he will visit me here instead.
We had so much fun with my family and friends.

That was his 3rd Visit in Philippines but he still can't resist his love to the heat, the people, the foods and the foods.. hehe.. he loves to eat all the time.
He so is lucky that my mama is a good cook,so we don't need to go far just to eat good foods. We're eating all the time at home.. hmmm.. missing the big shrimps and crabs! hehe!

We had a whole day outing at Timoga, Iligan. It was far but so worth it.Great view, nice fresh water pool, huh! SO COLD..
here are some of our pictures.... doing a sexy

Stolen Shot...

Eric, enjoying the cold water.

Even it was Hot and tiring, it ended up nice and happy. Everybody were feeling Great!

Eric, will always love the Philippines, specially its Natures.. WOW PHILIPPINES! lol

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Shoshana said...

I love Timoga, it's a fun place to go. Camiguin is my next favorite...coz it's close enough to Cagayan.