Thursday, July 3, 2008

a Hard Goodbye

This pic was taken in Cagayan de Oro airport, the day we left. From left, Te Neria, Mama, Te gema, Kuya Popoy, Papa, Eric and lola, at the back are leslie and Te Gema's Son.
It was a hard goodbye for me, I was crying and so are they. Its my first time to be away on them. But i am ready for my new life, ready to be a wife, mother and a new citizen in this new place.


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Mommy Liz said...

It will be hard for the first few months, or even years..
But with the help of your beloved will be able to deal with the loneliness of being away from home..If you need to cry, you just have to go ahead and cry your eyes out..Nobody says it would be easy, but it needs to be done and so be it..Good luck on your new life..Blog about everything, that way you feel wonderful inside..Have a good day to you...