Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a free day!

I am happy because we don't have school today. The School is looking for a new teacher for tuesdays since January but until now they haven't seen one. So, every tuesday, we don't have classes. I love it because I can sleep longer, wakes up at 10 am..hehe..

Hope everybody has great day today and will have great coming days!

PS: To the girls who leaved some messages in my chatbox, Congratulations on passing the exam, and to all who are about to take it, don't be afraid, just do your best and God will do the rest.
I'm sure you all can do it!


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espie said...

hi jen.

i hope you have time to read my post.
i have an dutch boyfriend and he apply mvv to the ind in the nederland.i allready passed the exam and we are now 2 months waiting for advice in ind.we are not married.i like to know some other requirement needed if i got possitive result...thanyou so much me

april said...

jen wer getting married next month and im scheuled to take the inburgeringsexamen thereafter..can u pls drop by a note to me,i will be very grateful if you do..pls pls