Saturday, June 20, 2009

back to school

My Zwangerschap Vakantie (Maternity leave) was already finished. I was back to school again last Monday. It was so hard for me and for Baby Nia. Hubby said she keeps on crying the whole morning I was out. When I got home, you can see to her face that she really missed her mama. My heart melts! I don't want to leave my baby, but I need to go to school too. Sorry if Im not updating my blog always. If I just have time but you can email me. It is on the side! I am trying to answer all the emails from time to time.

Goodluck everyone!

PS: My blog's URL is will be changed again to the old URL which is . I will not renew my domain name again. I am off to blogging but will write and update once in a blue moon.. hehe..



yen said...

hi jen, maayo pka back to school

camille said...

hi Jen, can you give me some info on the exams, i wrote you an email earlier, want now if the story was the hardest in the exams, i am assuming it is, can you let me know please....god bless