Monday, November 24, 2008

Sinterklaas is coming to town!

Netherlands has different celebration of Christmas. Every first week of december there is a SINTERKLAAS coming over for the kids. This is the time too that people will give gifts to each other and specially to the kids. I have two neices and a nephew.

Im still thinking of gifts for them. But now I saw a website that offers gift ideas for kids. Like Cheap toys and nice new Gadgets. I am so sure the Kids will love it! It does not need to be expensive. What matters most is the happiness I will see on their faces after they recieve my gifts. It will be a very feeling deep inside. So I will be getting each one of them one of these days.

Save buckets really made our Christmas easier. It is just an order away over the internet while you are at home. Christmas is really a time of giving and sharing! Visit them now and buy your gifts.

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dhalia said...

oi jen ingon ni paul lain daw na si sinterklas ug si santa claus hehehehe naa ko pictures gitagaan ko nya ingon gani ko murag si merlin man na oi!