Saturday, November 22, 2008

Unwanted Calls

I received an unwanted call from my phone last week. I don't know who was she. All she ask was If I am Jen, and I said, Yes, I told her my complete name. She said, She has different name. So I asked her, where did you get my number then? She didn't reply and cut off the call. So I tried to call and text her back but she's not answering. I was really confused who was that and why she called me.

I searched her number over the net and found a good site which you can report unwanted calls from unwanted numbers. Phone Number Reporting is a good way to know what the caller wants on you because there are lots of same numbers calling on each one of us. Maybe those numbers are from scammers. Better be safe than sorry.

So if you receive calls from number you don't know, search it on their site!

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