Sunday, September 7, 2008

why Dutch Language course is Important?

Dutch is the basic language in Netherlands. Every foreigner that have decided to live here in Netherlands for good should take the dutch language course. In this way, you are able to communicate to the people around you. You will learn how dutch people talk and work.
You will take an exam to determine whether you have sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language. This is called the integration examination: when you pass the exam you speak sufficient Dutch to take part in Dutch society.

The Gemeente or City hall will pay your dutch course including the travel expenses. That is a relief for us because if you pay it alone, it will cost you €4600 and travel expenses. It is very expensive. When you are in Netherlands, go to the city hall and talk with the incharge. They will interview you and make an appointment at school.

After taking the course, you will have an Integration Examination for your dutch Citizenship. If you will not pass that exam, they will not approve your citizenship.
The Inburgeren website is ready to answer your questions.

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